Confession of a reluctant ‘Juicer’

Working out has never been the hard part of fitness for me.  5 days a week, 7 days a week, weights, cardio, martial arts training- I enjoyed it so it was easy to build positive habits that stuck around.  Diet was always the elusive part…  I kind of figured that I could out-work my diet in the gym, but that’s never the case.  Spoiler alert- abs are made in the kitchen more than the gym…  The biggest problem I encountered was that whenever I would cut weight or try to eat really clean I would get hungry.  Neigh- ‘hangry’.  And that wasn’t fun for anybody involved.  Like when Bruce Banner gets angry and becomes the Hulk, except he wants a pizza and a diet coke.

I’ve tried lots of different things- adjusting levels of carbs and proteins, substituting this kind of carb for that kind, intermittent fasting, but they always seemed to be unsustainable, at least for me, and so faded away over time out of my regular eating habits.

Recently, one of my students suggested the benefits of juicing…   Continue reading “Confession of a reluctant ‘Juicer’”